Koloa Zipline

Koloa Zipline, the newest addition to Kauai zipline tours is ready to show you the Southside of Kauai like never before. Our 8 line course will have you flying through the jungle, soaring above the forest and gliding across the water on over a mile and a half of exciting ziplines and beautiful scenery.

We now have 3 of the 5 longest lines on Kauai! We are the closest zipline tour to Poipu.

Enjoy Expansive mountain, ocean views!Koloa Zipline

Zipline tours in Kauai are all different, just like the rest of Hawaii ziplines. Here at Koloa Zipline, we have focused on sharing the most diverse land, the best craftsmanship in construction and the highest in safety standards to ensure you have the most fun and exciting adventure possible.

While safety is our main priority, (our motto is: Safety is no Accident) we focus on fun and excitement on our tours. Our course is designed to ease you into the Kauai zipline process, and quickly progress you into challenging yourself by learning tricks like flying hands free, zipping upside down, and attempting the “Huli Maka Plunge”; an exhilarating exclusive trick to zip line tours in Kauai.

Koloa Zipline is the only zipline tour in Kauai to offer “Ground school” where you learn and experience how to zip in a controlled environment before you arrive at the course itself. Learning how to zip first allows you to be in more control and to better enjoy your tour. Our easy to control gear will make taking pictures and video of your tour simple, while allowing you to take in the beautiful scenery.

Zipline Koloa TourEach of the ziplines are named specifically after your surroundings and average over 1,000' long, Your tour begins at “Malaluca” named for the pear tree forest you zip through, Soar above the forest on “koa” where zip above the trees on our 1,700' line then take a break after crossing the valley on our sixth line “Robusta”, and enjoy cold drinks and a light snack while taking in the Mountain, Ocean and Lake views. The tour concludes with our last two lines including the “soon to be” famous “Waita” zipline where you glide above the Waita reservoir on 2,500' zipline across the water.

This 3.5-4 hour tour will produce memories to last a lifetime for you and the whole family. Please be sure to dress for the weather, because “Rain or Shine, we still Zipline!”. Sturdy closed toed shoes are required; water socks, reef shoes and crocks are unacceptable. Cameras are definitely recommended, however, they are completely your responsibility.

Let us show you the best that Hawaii Ziplines have to offer. Ride the longest zipline of any Kauai zipline tours, and let Koloa Zipline be the best part of your vacation.

Koloa Zipline Tricks

Ground School

Each guest will receive personal attention at Ground School. That includes customized harness adjustments, lessons on steering (using our custom “handlebar pulleys”) and instructions on all the tricks which include zipping upside down, going hands free and spinning.

Multiple Eco Systems

Fly through the jungle, soar above the forest and glide across the water on Kauai’s longest zipline course.


Tandem Zipping

Koloa Tandem Zipline

Allows lighter weight guests to come and play in one of two ways. Either they can ride alongside one of our guides or two siblings can ride together.  Our Tandem Zipping is one line unlike others where you zip side by side on two lines.


Newest Kauai ZipLine

Opened in 2012 Koloa Zipline was built to exceed all safety standards. Our commitment to excellence can be seen from every aspect of our course, from our oversized cable to the most beautifully crafted platforms on the Island.


Koloa Zip Line Video


Course Details

1-Malaluca = 250'
2- Albizia = 1,100'
3- Hau Bush = 750'
4- Koa = 1,700'
5- Mango = 900'
6- Robusta = 850'
7- Uluhe = 400'
8- Waita = 2,600'

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