Koloa Zipline

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Koloa Zipline - Long Ziplines on KauaiKoloa Zipline, Kauai’s newest zipline experience on the southside opens its doors August 2012, offering a fresh new approach to the ziplining industry and an unforgettable experience for its guests.

The Course

The 8-line course features Kauai’s longest zipline, coming in at over half a mile across the largest inland body of water in Hawaii. But that is just the beginning! The Koloa Zipline experience reflects our commitment to excellence in every aspect…from the breathtaking beauty of the natural setting, to the craftsmanship in the building of the platforms, to the preservation of the rich history of the land.

The beauty of the area, located on Grove Farm lands, is unparalleled. We travel through and above a variety of ecosystems during our tours. Guests will fly through the jungle, soar above the forest, and glide across the water.

Reforestation Project

It has taken over two years to make this dream a reality, however, to complete it will take a lifetime. A major portion of the Koloa Zipline’s vision is our Reforestation Project. Since the closing of the Koloa Sugar Plantation in the late 1990’s, the land itself has gone through many natural changes. Rapidly growing invasive plant life has begun to take over at an alarming rate. Koloa Zipline’s goal for the the land is to create mini-botanical gardens between each of the Zipline platforms, and to reforest the land using native floral and edible plants, while removing the invasive plants in a strategic manner.

Through the construction of the course, we have already seen the benefits of our efforts. By clearing the necessary land for the zipline elements, some of the original native plants have been sprouting on their own, giving us a bright outlook on the reforestation project.


The principal Partners of Koloa Zipline, LLC are Olegario “Olie” Rivera and Derek Green. Mr. Rivera is a veteran of the tourism industry on Kauai. He has owned and operated Kauai ATV since 1999, and Koloa Bass Fishing and Kauai Paintball since 2006. Mr. Green has been training guides and operating zipline tours in Europe and across the Hawaiian Islands since 1999.

Together, their partnership guarantees a world class experience for their guests, employees and the community of Kauai.